What is a Complying Development Certificate?

All building approvals in NSW are based on the development rules under Council’s Local Environmental Plan and the relevant State planning policies.

There are essentially two main types of building approvals, a Development Application or DA and the Complying Development Certificate, also referred to as CDC. In this short video, I am going to cover a few main points about the CDCs.

A Complying Development Certificate is an alternative to DA and is usually quicker to obtain. This certificate is available for routine work classed as Complying Development under Council’s planning controls or a State planning policy.

A CDC is issued if the proposed project complies with relevant planning controls and building controls under the Building Code of Australia.

An important distinction is that unlike a DA, a Private Certifier can issue the Complying Development Certificate.

A CDC will also enable you to obtain an Occupation Certificate at the completion of your project.

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