What Is CDC And Reasons You Need It!

When planning a commercial fitout, you will often hear about the need for CDC, which stands for Complying Development Certificate.

This is a required certification under the State Environmental Planning Policy and is designed to provide compliance with a number of environmental and safety codes. There is a misconception with some people, that minor fitouts do not require CDC certification.

That is incorrect and the entire purpose of CDC is to provide guidelines for projects that have minor impact but have not been specifically declared as exempt development. A professional commercial fitout contractor such as Sydney Commercial Interiors and Fitouts, will advise you on the requirement for such certification and will make arrangements for you to obtain it.

It must be understood that whenever new work or modifications to the existing internal structure is carried out, the regulations require some form of compliance certification to be in place. As it happens, both the costs as well as the time associated with obtaining a complying development certificate, are going to be significantly reduced compared to those associated with development applications.

As part of this end to end service by Sydney Commercial Interiors and Fitouts, an Occupation Certificate will also be obtained at the completion of your project.

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