What Exactly Is An Office Defit & Make Good?!

Are you vacating your commercial premises and are required to do a De-fit and Make Good?

If so, Sydney Commercial Interiors and Fitouts have some suggestions that will help you make this process as easy as possible. Lets quickly define the terms…

“Defit” is basically the process of dismantling any of the fixtures that weren’t there when you first moved in. “Make Good” simply means returning the premises to their original state.

This could be something as basic as patching up a few holes to carrying out plumbing, electrical, carpentry and similar work.

The most vital tip I can give you is NOT to rely on your own understanding of what work needs to be done and obtain detailed, written instructions from the Landlord.

Along similar lines, when you are getting quotes to carry out Defit and Make Good of the premises, it is important that you compare “apples with apples”. Provide the contractors with written Scope of Works that you have received from the Landlord, rather than vaguely asking them to quote on a Defit and Make Good.

I hope you enjoyed these tips from Sydney Commercial Interiors and Fitouts. Call on 1300 882 585 and discover Sydney’s best office fitout company today!
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