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In Part 1 of this series on Office Flooring we focused on Carpet Tiles. In this article, we’ll focus on traditional carpet flooring. Specifically, the advantages and disadvantages, cost, installation and other useful tips

Carpet flooring still reigns as the most common solution when it comes to office flooring for many fitouts. That’s not surprising since carpet comes in so many styles, colours, textures and thickness.

Perhaps it’s due to the comfort level or familiarity of this type of flooring that makes it a popular choice. Plus the fact that carpet can really change the look and feel of an otherwise plain room.

Carpet comes in such a wide variety it can be a daunting task to pick one over another. Later we’ll give you some tips on how to choose the best kind of carpet for your space. For now let’s go over some basic information about carpet flooring.

How to Buy The Best Carpet for Office Flooring

Firstly, when you’re ready to shop for carpet flooring ideally you want to look for carpeting that will be durable and comfortable.

You can choose to go with a very basic look or depending on your business type, you may opt for something more upscale to match your decor. For example, a real estate agent’s office is likely to be a lot more corporate looking than say the offices of a small video gaming company.

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To help you determine the type of carpeting to purchase, estimate how much walking traffic your business is likely to have to help determine the best type of carpeting for your fitout

A Couple Of Carpet Types To Consider…


Commercial carpet made of nylon is the best choice for your fit-out if you anticipate lots of foot traffic. It’s also very durable when it comes to moisture and dirt. Nylon also looks great and is easy to maintain as far as keeping it clean and tidy.


If you want the ultimate in commercial carpeting that is literally tough as nails, you’ll want to consider tufted carpeting. This carpet is very durable and will last for years due to the way it is constructed. It has a double backing made of really strong plastic.

Advantages Of Regular Carpet

  • Going with commercial carpeting has several advantages:
  • Easy to maintain and clean
  • Long lasting
  • Designed with business offices in mind
  • Cost effective
  • Lots of variety


The biggest problem when going with any kind of carpet, is when it becomes damaged to the point where the typical cleaning process won’t work, or if it’s structurally damaged in some other way. You will have to replace the entire carpet in that area which can get quite expensive.

This is where Carpet Tiles have a huge advantage in that individual tiles can be removed and replaced as required. More comparison details are available here: Office Fitout Alternatives: Carpet Tiles Or Regular Carpet


While commercial carpet is a great overall investment you will find it is more expensive than using an alternative like carpet tiles. However, if you want to go with carpeting it does involve a lot more work for the installers.

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Basic Installation Description

Whilst we don’t expect (or recommend) you to install the Carpet yourself, it may be useful to understand the basic process involved in the installation of regular carpet.

If the flooring in your fitout has old carpeting installed, it will have to be removed, including the old underlay. It’s likely to be dusty and dirty and the installers will usually vacuum thoroughly to avoid breathing in the dust when the actual work begins.

The old carpet will often get cut into strips and basically get all ripped up including the underlay and gripper strips. Next, a new set of pin-wood grippers will be installed around the perimeter of the room.

The installers will measure the new Carpet and cut it so that it’s longer or wider than is needed. It will be trimmed later. Repeat the process until done.

The “knee kicker” is a tool with teeth on one end and and padding on the other and it will be used to stretch the Carpet over the pin-wood grippers. The tacks will then hold your carpet in place.

To finish off, a utility knife will be used to trim the Carpet where needed, like around decorative moldings, vents and other areas.

These installation steps are only given for education purposes and of course, your Commercial Fitout contractor will advise you on the most appropriate carpet to chose and arrange for it to be professionally installed

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