Pros & Cons Of Grid Ceiling In Your Office

Are you choosing to go with a Grid Ceiling for your Office Fitout? If so, there are advantages and disadvantages you need to consider and Sydney Commercial Interiors and Fitouts is here to help!

One of the biggest advantages of a Grid Ceiling is the virtually unlimited choice of Ceiling Tile materials. They could be Vinyl, Acoustic, Perspex, Timber Veneer and many, many more. The other significant benefit of Grid Ceilings is the easy replacement of individual tiles when necessary. This could be for spot repairs or when vacating premises and making good.

Removal of individual tiles is also handy when reconfiguring ceiling fixtures to suit the new office layout or needing to access any of the services such as plumbing and electrical located within the ceiling.

Some of the key disadvantages of a Grid Ceiling are the less attractive appearance when compared to a Suspended Ceiling in addition to the fact that if you want to give your Grid Ceiling a “new look”, you need to replace ALL of the tiles, rather than simply give it a coat of an attractive, new paint colour.

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