Office Walls: What Are Your Choices?

When it comes to Office Fitouts, one of the major considerations are the Office Walls.

Most projects will involve moving some walls and partitioning existing spaces. Your ultimate choice of which type of Office Walls to use in these situations, will often determine how functional, how attractive and how productive will the new works spaces become.

A good commercial fitout provider will offer you some of the following choices… The Plasterboard Walls, are going to be best suited when maximum privacy is required as well as in situations where plumbing, data or electrical services need to be carried through inside the Office Walls.

Glass Walls, are an ideal choice that offers modern, functional and attractive partitioning and maintains the feeling of an open space. Glass Walls will provide a particularly pleasant working environment in your office. While there are actually a number of various alternatives for Office Walls, the third most popular choice in a commercial office are Composite Walls.

These are essentially walls that have solid appearance in the bottom 90 cm, with the transparent, glass section above. Such walls are a terrific alternative combining the privacy and enclosed nature of Plasterboard Walls with the open feeling of Glass above.

I hope you enjoyed these tips from Sydney Commercial Interiors and Fitouts.

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