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When organising an Office Fitout, you will often need the services of a licensed plumber. Of course, an Office Fitout company will take care of this on your behalf. However, it’s useful to quickly go over some of the issues you will need to consider.

For example, when you are planning the location of the Kitchen, Bathrooms or Toilets, it’s worth remembering that water supply in an office space can typically only run inside the Ceiling Cavity and the Plasterboard Walls. This is a limitation that needs to be considered when planning the layout.

Often, there is nowhere to drain used water and special pumps can be used to direct waste towards the nearest waste pipe. Similarly, appropriate pumps can be used where the toilets are not located in close proximity to the waste pipes. Such devices allow for more flexibility in planning your office and making it suit your specific needs.

There are a number of other clever solutions that a good office fitout contractor will recommend to you. I do want to emphasize however, that the law requires that only a licensed plumber carry out this work. In addition, the work must adhere to appropriate Australian Standards and be properly certified.

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