Office Fitout Alternatives: Carpet Tiles Or Regular Carpet?

Are you planning an Office Fitout? Should you choose Carpet Tiles or regular Carpet?

Well, Sydney Commercial Interiors and Fitouts have the answer!

For one, Carpet Tiles are a lot easier to install. You simply prepare the floor, apply glue and stick them on!

In contrast, with carpet you will need to install Pin-wood Carpet Grippers around the perimeter of the room and put down an underlay. For installation, you will also need Knee Kickers with which to go around the perimeter stretching and trimming the carpet.

Even more benefits of Carpet Tiles will emerge later on. Like the fact that the Tiles are easy to replace if a particular area gets damaged. Simply peel off the damaged tiles and replace them. This becomes especially valuable when vacating the premises and needing to “make good”. Repairing or patching a conventional carpet is far more difficult, not to mention expensive!

Creating patterned designs and updating “the look” is easy with Carpet Tiles. Try doing THAT with conventional Carpet!

I hope you enjoyed these tips from Sydney Commercial Interiors and Fitouts. Call today on 1300 882 585 and discover Sydney’s best office fitout company today!
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