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Office Wiring

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An area in commercial office fitouts dealing with office electrical, communications and data services is something that is always handled by qualified experts, regardless of the size of the project or complexity of each job.

As with other aspects of commercial fitout, proper planning and execution of electrical, communication and data services are critical to making sure that your new work space is built to provide effective and safe environment in which to conduct day to day business.

In addition to that, a commercial electrician will perform all work under the strict guidelines of Occupational Health & Safety.

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Commercial Electrical Services

No matter how small or how large your fitout may be, a licenced commercial electrical contractor will be handling the installation. Electricians are needed to make sure all of your wiring is installed safely and always corresponds to appropriate standards.

Your needs as a commercial entity may change as time goes on and so you must have a system in place that can grow as your business’ needs expand. Some of the areas that are important to your fitout are, but not limited to:

  • Surge protection
  • Energy management considerations
  • General lighting
  • Data & Communications Wiring

Now let’s take a look at some of these…

Additional Power Outlets – (Surge Protection)

When preparing to launch your office fitout, you will need an electrician to plan out and install additional electrical outlets if needed.

Based on the proposed, new layout of your office space, the electrical contractor will inspect your Electrical Switchboard and if necessary, reconfigure it to suit the new layout and its requirements.

Even if your space already has outlets, you may need several more placed in strategic areas where you want to have computers for example but no outlets exist currently.

It’s important to set up your electrical system so that power surges are blocked from reaching all sensitive equipment and possibly causing major damage to your computer network, resulting in valuable data being destroyed.

Energy Management

Every business wants to make more money than they are spending. One way to keep more of your profits in your pocket is by utilizing energy management. An electrician can help you plan ways to not only save money but also help the environment.

This can include a combination of strategies by analyzing the current energy usage and developing a plan to conserve resources. The idea is to find ways to use the least amount of energy as necessary, without sacrificing the quality of the environment in terms of comfort, function and safety.

General Lighting

When planning to add or move partition walls within your office space, you are likely to find that the current lighting layout does not meet your needs.

A commercial fitout provider will sit down with you and go over your design ideas and in consultation with the electrical contractor, begin figuring out how and where new electrical wiring for lighting will need to be installed, if necessary.

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Data & Telephone Wiring

While the fitout company and their electricians will not set up your computer system, they will take inventory of the current wiring and make sure it’s capable of safely handling complex computer setups.

Electricians will also rewire your premises to make sure your phone system and jacks are installed in areas where you need them the most.

We have covered some of the most important areas you’ll need to have taken care of for your office fitout. For now and into the future, this is not an area you will want to cut corners on.

A company such as Sydney Commercial Interiors & Fitouts will ensure that your office electrical, data and communications services are installed safely and in accordance with relevant standards and regulations. Great care will also be taken to satisfy the needs of your business, no matter how exact and complex they may be.

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