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Figuring out how to install office air conditioning that is adequate for the space, safe and is compliant with Occupational Health and Safety regulations is not an easy task to do unless you have the background and experience needed to get the job the done.

Another reason to opt for professional installation is to make sure your fitout is friendly to the environment. Sydney Commercial Interiors & Fitouts has the experience and expertise to help you design and install a sustainable office air conditioning system.

Before the installation of a commercial air conditioning system can even begin, a complete design plan must be in place. That’s because a specialist will need to spend time on site analyzing and planning the placement of air supply grills and air return grills to make sure the air supply is balanced.

This expert will also have to figure out where your system will be installed and how to cool and heat the area efficiently. Let’s say for example, you have a lot of sensitive computer equipment that will need to be located in a specific area of your office. It’s going to be crucial to have the room temperature consistent to avoid damaging equipment.

Focusing on air conditioning alone does not make your fitout environmentally friendly but, it does contribute to the goal overall.

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Next we’ll take a look at some the steps and issues involved in this process.

Energy Efficiency

About 40% to 45% of the total amount of energy used in your office comes from climate control. You can save a lot of money over time and create an environment that is friendly to the planet by making sure your heating, cooling and ventilation systems are installed properly for your space.

Natural Energy

Natural energy brings in and removes air throughout your premises without using mechanics. When designing your office space, look for areas where you can use fans to provide natural ventilation and cooling. One example of natural energy is the use of solar assisted energy systems for buildings.

Air Conditioning

Here are a few tips to help make your air conditioning system planet friendlier.

#1 – Climate Control

One way to manage climate control is to set your air conditioning system at about 20-21°C.

#2 – Beware of Energy Stealers

If you choose not to go the natural energy route you can control your costs by keeping all windows in your fitout closed to keep the cool air in. Otherwise, if windows are left open while the air conditioning is running, you’re forcing your system to work a lot harder to condition the air in the space. Plus it will end up costing you a lot more money unnecessarily.

#3 – Small Adjustments Can Go a Long Way

For air conditioners with louvers, you should be sure to turn them upward facing the ceiling when you want to keep your space cooler. That’s because cool air falls. On the other hand, heat rises so you will want to turn the louvers down facing the floor when heating.

#4 – Consistency Always Wins

Lastly, when business is done for the day turn off your cooling system after hours. You could also have a system installed that will allow you to program when the heating/cooling system should switch on and off automatically.

#5 – Comfort & Safety

For reasons of both comfort and safety, it is critical to make sure the distribution of temperature sensors is carried out correctly and in accordance with regulations.

There’s More…

Of course there is a lot more involved when it comes to the design and installation of air conditioning in your office. For instance, there are a number of vital techincal steps to be taken when planning an air conditioning system for your office. Failing to correctly measure the airflow and controlling it with volume control dampers and air release vents, could mean violating safety codes and causing other serious problems.

A professional can sit down and help you create a budget that includes equipment and labor cost. They can also assist with other engineering specific data that is specific to your space for comfort, functionality and safety.

Let the professional team at Sydney Commercial Interiors & Fitouts work with you to plan an efficient sustainable air conditioning system for your office.

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