Fire Services In A Commercial Fitout

One of the most important elements of a commercial fitout, is the correct installation and maintenance of Fire Services.

This is an area that involves qualified fire services specialists and is subject to strict regulations. These regulations are issued by the Australian Standards & Building Code Of Australia and include Standards of Performance as well as the Standards of Maintenance.

It is expected that as a business owner, you know and understand your responsibilities with regards to fire safety at your commercial premises. Naturally however, as this is an area of high technical expertise, you are well advised to have a commercial fitout contractor such as Sydney Commercial Interiors & Fitouts take care this for you.

They will do so by engaging a preferred Fire Services company to provide technical expertise and carry out Fire Services installation as part of the overall fitout. The location and number of Fire Sprinklers, installation of Emergency Warning and Intercommunication System and provision of Smoke Detectors are just some of the critical aspects of this work.

The Fire Safety technicians will insure that all work is carried out in strict accordance with regulations and that the safety of those working within or near your premises is assured at all times.

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