Office Electrical, Data & Communications Services

Image courtesy of: An area in commercial office fitouts dealing with office electrical, communications and data services is something that is always handled by qualified experts, regardless of the size of the project or complexity of each job. As with other aspects of commercial fitout, proper planning and execution of [...]

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Regular Carpet Flooring For Your Office

Image courtesy of In Part 1 of this series on Office Flooring we focused on Carpet Tiles. In this article, we'll focus on traditional carpet flooring. Specifically, the advantages and disadvantages, cost, installation and other useful tips Carpet flooring still reigns as the most common solution when it comes to office [...]

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Flooring Options: Carpet Tiles

Image courtesy of In a previous article on office flooring, we went through a series of questions to ask yourself before you make a final decision on flooring for your commercial fit-out... Here's a link to that article if you missed it: Office Flooring: 5 Questions To Consider It offers an [...]

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Office Joinery – Creating a Great Fitout

  One of the key processes in a commercial fitout, is adding the right kind of joinery to match the environment, your brand and whatever you need functionally. You could take on the task of outsourcing custom joinery on your own or get your commercial fitout professional to do it for you. The latter [...]

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Fire Services – What You Need to Know! Fire services and their installation, is definitely an area that you should not attempt to figure out on your own. The regulations as set forth by Australian Standards 1851 and governed by the Standards of Performance & Standards of Maintenance as regulated by the Australian Standards & Building Code of [...]

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Office Air Conditioning – Sustainable Office Fitout Figuring out how to install office air conditioning that is adequate for the space, safe and is compliant with Occupational Health and Safety regulations is not an easy task to do unless you have the background and experience needed to get the job the done. Another reason to opt for professional [...]

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Office Flooring – 5 Questions To Consider

Believe it or not, choosing the right flooring for your fitout is just as important as the ceiling type you choose, furniture, colour scheme and other aesthetic modifications. There are a few things to keep in mind before you run out and choose the type of flooring for your space. You may be thinking what [...]

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Avoiding Office Defit And Make Good Pitfalls As your company grows or for other reasons, you may decide to leave your current office space. If your fitout went beyond the basic office set up and instead you have specific needs like medical, food preparation, retail or other special requirements, the likelihood that you've installed specialty fixtures and other [...]

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