Basics of Office Plumbing Services

Office Plumbing

There’s a lot to organise and plan when it comes to office fitouts. Office plumbing services is definitely an area where you’ll need some thoughtful and professional planning.

What Kinds of Plumbing Services Will You Need?

This really depends on so many different factors as each space has its own set of variables. Things like size, design, building age and the integrity of the current structure all can play a role in how much or how little additional plumbing services may be needed for your fitout.

Since it would be nearly impossible to cover every conceivable scenario we’ll just stick with the basic plumbing services that almost all new fitout construction will  have to deal with.

  • Cold water connection
  • Hot water supply
  • Waste Removal

Let’s go over each individually to give you a good basic idea of what to expect.

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Cold Water Connection

You will need a cold water connection within your fitout. The most common installation method includes running pipes inside the ceiling cavity and behind plasterboard walls.

Hot Water Supply

Electronic hot water heaters can be installed in multiple areas of your fitout where needed. They are energy efficient which means you’ll save money. Water temperatures are preset so there’s no danger of overheating and burn risks. They are compact in size and can be installed under-bench or overhead cabinets.

Waste Removal

Special pumps can be installed to drain used water. Additional pumps are also installed to then take the used water and  re-route it to waste pipes.

If you should need an additional bathroom in an area where there are no waste pipes nearby, you can still have one installed in that area. No major construction would be required when special pumps are used instead. This is possible by installing a macerator,sink and a toilet. The macerator basically grinds up waste and then pumps out the waste.


When planning your fitout it’s important to get a specialist involved in the process right from the start. He or she can make sure the right plumbing fixtures are installed correctly. To learn more about plumbing requirements and construction contact Sydney Commercial Interiors and Fitouts today.

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