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What is a Development Application

Most fitout work in NSW will begin with a building approval process and in this video, I would like to discuss the Development Application, or DA. As most projects will typically involve some form of renovation, demolition or construction, in consultation with Council or other building professionals like Town Planner, we will [...]

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What is an Occupation Certificate?

  In this short video, I am going to talk about Occupation Certificates. I will explain what they are, why they are required and who issues them. An Occupation Certificate is issued under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and permits an individual to occupy and make use of a new building, [...]

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What is a Construction Certificate?

  In this brief video, I am going to explain what is a Construction Certificate and talk about why and when it may be required for your upcoming project. If you received development consent after submitting a DA to Council, you need a Construction Certificate before work can begin on your project. If [...]

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What is a Complying Development Certificate?

All building approvals in NSW are based on the development rules under Council’s Local Environmental Plan and the relevant State planning policies. There are essentially two main types of building approvals, a Development Application or DA and the Complying Development Certificate, also referred to as CDC. In this short video, I am [...]

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Design & Construct Services

A specialist fitout company such as Sydney Commercial Interiors & Fitouts, is able to provide you with a complete Commercial Office Design And Construct service that takes care of the entire project. Starting with a conceptual design and carrying it through the construction stage to successful completion! In order to provide such [...]

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Fire Services In A Commercial Fitout

One of the most important elements of a commercial fitout, is the correct installation and maintenance of Fire Services. This is an area that involves qualified fire services specialists and is subject to strict regulations. These regulations are issued by the Australian Standards & Building Code Of Australia and include Standards of [...]

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Office Walls: What Are Your Choices?

When it comes to Office Fitouts, one of the major considerations are the Office Walls. Most projects will involve moving some walls and partitioning existing spaces. Your ultimate choice of which type of Office Walls to use in these situations, will often determine how functional, how attractive and how productive will the [...]

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Office Electrical, Data & Communications Services

Image courtesy of: https://www.flickr.com/photos/e53/ An area in commercial office fitouts dealing with office electrical, communications and data services is something that is always handled by qualified experts, regardless of the size of the project or complexity of each job. As with other aspects of commercial fitout, proper planning and execution of [...]

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Air Conditioning In Your Office

One of the most important elements of an office fitout, is the Air Conditioning inside your office space. I will say at the outset that this work MUST be done by specialist Air Conditioning contractors and that the work must adhere to appropriate Australian Standards and be properly certified. This, of course, is [...]

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Regular Carpet Flooring For Your Office

Image courtesy of https://www.flickr.com/photos/booleansplit/ In Part 1 of this series on Office Flooring we focused on Carpet Tiles. In this article, we'll focus on traditional carpet flooring. Specifically, the advantages and disadvantages, cost, installation and other useful tips Carpet flooring still reigns as the most common solution when it comes to office [...]

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