Are Suspended Ceilings Right For Your Fitout?

Are you considering a Suspended Drop Ceiling for your Commercial Office Fitout? As usual, there are pros and cons to weigh up and Sydney Commercial Interiors and Fitouts is here to help!

Suspended Ceilings are generally more attractive and allow you a choice between Shadow Lines, Cornices and other ways to finish around the perimeter of your ceiling. You will also have far more freedom with the choice and placement of Downlights, Speakers, Airconditioning Vents and other ceiling fixtures.

Ability to paint a suspended ceiling into any colour of your choice, can turn it into a real feature and add a real character to the entire room!

There are also some negatives to consider with Suspended Ceilings. Such as the difficulties and extra cost of spot repairs as you will typically need to paint the entire ceiling. Also, in trying to achieve symmetrical placement of Downlights or other ceiling fixtures, you will need to work around the hidden metal frame that the suspended ceiling is fixed to.

I hope you enjoyed these tips from Sydney Commercial Interiors and Fitouts. Call today on 1300 882 585 and discover Sydney’s best office fitout company today!
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